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At 17 years of age, I have taken my first yoga class. At that time, I wasn’t making much sense of the very strange yoga postures that I was somehow supposed to enjoy. I did not know much about yoga, and back then, the teacher has never mentioned anything more than the instructions she was so carefully giving. I finished the class and never thought I was going to come back.

Not much later, somehow, someway— something was calling me to return, to give it one more try. I had the feeling that there was more to this practice than what I was first given to experience.

The first months of practice were confusing, but at the same time, it felt very fulfilling. These postures that I was first weirded out by, started to feel more familiar each day; it felt like I was returning to a practice that was so deeply rooted in me.

Practicing at home has allowed me to fully step in and understand the practice on a deeper level. I can’t say that I was practicing every single day in my high school days, but I remember very vividly, how I used to wake up as early as 4 am on some days, to practice yoga and cook breakfast before attending school. It did not take long until yoga became a big part of my life.

I started to research yoga quite extensively; I came across the Ashtanga Yoga method and was fascinated by the specific structure and discipline that align with it, the masculine energy, the drishti, the breathing, the intensity, and pretty much everything that encompasses it. I took on a daily Ashtanga practice.

As months went by, I graduated high school, and I felt very insecure about my future. I knew that going to college to study something I wasn’t truly and deeply interested in, would only set me off my true path and limit what I could potentially accomplish if I was following my intuition of taking on a yogic path.

Although a hard decision to make, I let go of what I felt wasn’t authentic to me, and started living life by my own rules. I am now on a journey of discovery, of learning and unlearning, opening wide to new experiences, excited to see where it takes me, studying and practicing yoga, and living in alignment with my highest self.

I can’t say that my purpose is to become a yoga teacher or anything related to it. I’m allowing myself to experience different realms of possibilities and ultimately, I know that I will be led in the right direction; starting with training to become a yoga teacher, but also not limiting myself to this only option.

I started PeaYoga because of my passion for yoga, for sharing information, for creating a community. I create content to draw beginners deeper into the practice, to inspire long-time practitioners, and spread the message of yoga across the world. Namaste!